29 February 2024 0 Comments

Across the world, the Lions Club works in favor of youth. Some initiatives specifically target youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, while others focus on youth with disabilities or illnesses. These actions in support of

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Hello fellow Lions! I'm happy to announce my arrival in Cotonou! I've been warmly welcomed by my Lions friends in Benin, to whom I'd like to express my fraternal thanks. I'm delighted to

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My 40 years within the Lions Club have allowed me to understand that selfless action and helping the most vulnerable strengthen the bonds among Lions and contribute to the creation of genuine friendships.

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The SightFirst programs, launched in 1990 by Dr. Ashok Mehta, then International President, assist blind people and contribute to the global fight against major causes of preventable and reversible blindness. I am proud

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Hello Dear Friends, I would like to congratulate the Council Chairman of Multiple District 403 on the very successful holding of the second meeting of the Board of Governors today, February 03, 2024,