20Plan de travail 42

A victorious defeat

As our campaign for the International 3rd Vice Presidency comes to an end, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for your steadfast support and dedication. Although we didn’t get the result we hoped for, I am still deeply inspired by the momentum we’ve built together.

This campaign was more than just a run for office—it was a chance to highlight the fundamental values of Lionism: service, community support, and integrity.

I am truly disappointed that Africa didn’t get to see its chosen candidate lead our association, but we have successfully brought to light certain decision-making practices that need reconsideration. Recognizing these issues is a victory in itself, setting the stage for future improvements and the necessary reforms that will benefit all members of Lions International.

I am proud of our achievements and the conversations we’ve started. 

I urge you to keep pushing for these critical changes. History shows us that the most influential figures were often not the immediate winners, but those who laid the groundwork for a better future.

The flame we’ve ignited will not be extinguished with this campaign. I am confident that others will carry forward the torch, driven by our shared vision and passion for Lionism. Our “victorious defeat” is a catalyst for enduring change, and I am eager to see the outcomes of our collective efforts.

Thank you once again for everything you’ve contributed to this campaign. Your faith in our mission strengthens my belief that the best days are still ahead for Lions International.

With gratitude and optimism for the future, may the sun shine for us all.

PID Alexis Vincent Gomès



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