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Let the sun shine for everyone

Legacy of Multiple District 403

District 403 was established in 1957. Until 1981, it was composed by clubs from West and central African French-speaking countries and clubs from the Islands of the Indian Ocean. English-speaking countries of West Africa, including Nigeria and Ghana were also part of D 403. In 1982, District 403 became Multiple District 403 with the creation of Districts 403 A (West Africa) and 403 B (Central Africa and Indian Ocean).
The same year Nigeria became a full District, D 404. Today, it is the Multiple District 404. In 2011, District 403 A was restructured into D 403 A1 (9 countries) and D 403 A2 (6 countries). In 2014, District 403 B’s was restructured into two Districts, D 403 B1 (8 countries) and D 403 B2 (6 countries in the Indian Ocean Islands).
In 2018, a major restructuration will change significantly the presentation of the DM 403. We are proud of our rich history, and we are just at its beginning.
Every day, we carry on our legacy with the aim of making an even greater impact in the future.



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