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Speech by PID Alexis Vincent Gomès at the First Plenary session 23 June

Dear fellow Lions,

Thank you so much for being here and for your support on this important day. June 23rd is special because it honors two amazing people who show what service and dedication mean to us.

On June 23, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary, a Lion from New Zealand, climbed Mount Everest. This shows his determination and courage. Besides being a great climber, Hillary used his fame to help many humanitarian causes. June 23 is also the day when Mary MacKillop, born here in Melbourne, was canonized. She dedicated her life to educating the underprivileged, and Pope Benedict XVI recognized her efforts in 2010.

It is with deep humility and gratitude that I stand before you today as a candidate for the position of International Third Vice-President. I know the job is big, but I am ready to take up the challenge with all my heart, all my energy and all my determination. I believe strongly in our association and in our commitment to service, friendship, and solidarity.

I have been a passionate Lion for 41 years. From the first day I joined, I was inspired by our motto “We Serve.” This motto is not just a slogan for me; it is a way of life. I have dedicated much of my life to helping others and making the world a better place.

I am the legitimate candidate of Africa, chosen and endorsed by the Lions of Africa. As a key figure in establishing our constitutional area, I hope this election will allow Africa to make a significant and proud mark in our association’s history.

I am not here to make empty promises. I am here to talk about our values, convictions, and my vision for the future. A vision where every Lion, whatever their origin, culture or background, feels fully included and valued. A vision where we work hand in hand to meet the challenges of our time and provide concrete solutions to the problems affecting our society.

My experiences in Africa and around the world have shown me that our future depends especially on young people, women, and the environment. We must open our arms to these vital forces to guarantee a sustainable future for our association.

My friends, my Francophone culture grounds me in the values of Enlightenment and Democracy, in harmony with the principles of Melvin Jones. I believe in a vibrant and dynamic democracy within our association. I believe in freedom of choice, free expression, and respect for everyone’s vote. That’s why I encourage you to vote, in good conscience, for the candidate who best embodies your values and hopes for the future of Lions Club International.

Together, we can achieve great things.
Together, we can change lives.
Together, we can leave a legacy of service and generosity that will endure for generations.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

So, my dear friends, I ask you to trust me, support me and vote for me today in this crucial election for our association.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your attention and support.

Let’s remember that the Lions Club is a chain of friendship and union that guides us on the path of service and success, so that the sun shines for everyone!

PID Alexis Vincent Gomès



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