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Across the world, the Lions Club works in favor of youth.

Across the world, the Lions Club works in favor of youth. Some initiatives specifically target youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, while others focus on youth with disabilities or illnesses. These actions in support of youth and their education are essential for creating a better future.

Our International Foundation, LCIF, works towards the positive development of youth worldwide by promoting access to quality education and essential health services. The educational program of LCIF is a source of pride for all Lions, as we are.
I myself have participated in numerous projects aimed at youth, such as setting up medical buses in Africa or Asia, or funding schools and maternity wards worldwide.

However, the connections between Lions and youth should not be limited to charitable actions. Youth are the drivers of change; their perspectives and ideas fuel the renewal we seek to bring to the world and our wonderful association. That’s why I wish to encourage the development of Leo clubs worldwide and provide them with more resources to carry out their initiatives.

So that the sun shines for everyone, especially on the youth, I invite you to join us in June in Melbourne!



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