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Why vote for Alexis Vincent Gomès?

The election for International Third Vice President is a crucial moment to shape the future of our organization. Supporting AVG means choosing a candidate who embodies the core values of Lionism and is ready to proudly represent Lions International.

Who is Alexis Vincent Gomès?

  • A Lion for 40 years and an international lawyer, Alexis Vincent Gomès is dedicated to service, following the values established by Melvin Jones and his companions. He is married to Eliane and a devoted family man.
  • As a major donor to LCIF and to Lions projects in Africa and around the world, Alexis Vincent Gomès has shown his deep commitment to our humanitarian mission.
  • Alexis Vincent Gomès is Africa’s legitimate candidate, endorsed by over 70% of voting Lions in Africa.

The Candidate for Change

  • By respecting the choice of the Lions of Africa, we would send a strong signal: we are a fair association, open to change, open to the world, and unafraid of the future.
  • The challenges we face are significant. To address them, we must ask ourselves: why are we struggling to attract and retain younger members in many parts of the world? Do we really need to raise membership fees? Should we consider partnering with companies? What is the true impact and necessity of our bureaucracy? How can we ensure transparency in every function? There are many questions…
  • As President of our esteemed association, I will collaborate with you, with all the Clubs, and with the Lions Assembly on this major modernization project.­


Your voice matters.Together, we can write a new chapter in the history of Lionism, so that the sun shines for everyone.



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