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World Health Day

Dear fellow Lions,

On World Health Day, we celebrate the importance of health, a fundamental right for everyone.

Lions around the world play an essential role in improving health and well-being for all. Through a wide range of healthcare access and prevention initiatives, they work tirelessly to ensure that everyone receives the care they need. Vaccination, the theme of World Health Day 2024, is at the heart of LCIF’s measles and rubella campaigns.

Convinced of the ideals and values ​​of Melvin Jones, i have contributed to the financing of global campaigns, such as the 100 campaign, and have taken part in the construction of hospitals and medical buses in Africa, India and the Middle East.

These projects, which are particularly close to my heart, give meaning to my life and remind me how proud I am to be a Lion!

Together, let’s continue to work towards a world where health is a reality for all.

By giving more resources to our beautiful foundation, LCIF, and by helping more clubs to act locally, we can be even more effective, so that the sun shines for everyone!



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