20Plan de travail 42

Tribute to a great Lion, PID Alexis Vincent Gomes

Dear fellow Lions,

It has been a long time since I first met the esteemed Lion, Past International Director Alexis-Vincent Gomes, whether during my missions in Africa or at international events in Europe and beyond. Through him and his initiatives, I have closely followed the progress of our Association on the African continent. His exemplary leadership, natural authority, and dedication, from his early days to his significant international roles, have greatly contributed to our success.

Given his remarkable qualities, it is no surprise that our fellow African Lions have chosen such a charismatic and generous personality as their candidate for the position of International Third Vice President.

Lionism in Africa owes him a debt of gratitude. His deep knowledge of the Association and international relations, both within and outside Lionism, along with his personal attributes, have ensured his effectiveness.

There is no doubt that Past International Director Alexis-Vincent Gomes will be one of the great International Presidents of Lions International, following an election that I am confident will take place in Melbourne.

PID Professor Jean OUSTRIN



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