20Plan de travail 42

Together, let us amplify the roar of Lions across borders, making a resounding impact on communities in need.

My dear Lions friends,

We are coming to the end of this year, and I would like to extend my best wishes to you for 2024. May this new year bring you health, joy, and success.
2024 holds special significance for the Lion that I am and for all the Lions that we are. For the first time in Lions history, Africa will ascend to the International Presidency.
As you know, I am a candidate for the position of 3rd Vice President International, and more than anything, I would like to be the candidate of Freedom. Because freedom is an essential value to our humanity. Without it, all hope is in vain.
I am the candidate of free choice, presenting myself to you with respect for our diversity and in friendship, in service to the greater good.
May 2024 be the year when Africa makes history. I rely on your support in Melbourne in June.
Happy New Year to all !



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