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Support PID Alexis Vincent Gomes for International Third Vice President

Dear Lions, Officials and Delegates to the 106th Melbourne International Convention,

As we enter the final stretch towards the Melbourne Convention, a historic moment is looming : Lions Clubs International have the opportunity , for the first time in its history, to elect a leader from Africa as 3rd Vice President.

Among the candidates for the position of 3rd International Vice-President, several have lined up, with very various profiles.

­The Lions of Constitutional Area 8 Africa, the most recent of our organization, have freely chosen PID Alexis Vincent Gomes, a Lion devoted for 41 years to our cause, in favour of the most disadvantaged. The overwhelming support was obtained at the Africa Forum in Accra Ghana in the presence of our Executive Officers, where 70% of the delegates made him Africa’s legitimate candidate !

This choice reflects not only confidence in the man, but also adherence to his vision of fundamentally changing our organization with a view to institutionalizing a more efficient use of our resources and a greater democratization of the process of appointing and electing leaders at all levels. As Lions are equal in rights and duties as espoused in our much-cherished ethos, the process of choosing our leaders must reflect a transparent democracy, without encumbrances like manipulation or constraints.

Dear fellow lions, as we proudly chant our mantra – LIONS CHANGING THE WORLD, we must remember that CHANGE must start with us.

Without betraying our ideals and values, we must legitimately question our decision-making processes to change the veiled clannish reward system and move towards greater transparency.

PID Alexis-Vincent is the bearer of this vision of internal change of our Association to increase its attractiveness. The success of Mission 1.5 is within our grasp; and among the conditions for its success, we must integrate internal change that will promote credibility/integrity, thus increasing retention of our members and attracting new ones.

PID Alexis Vincent Gomes’ dedication to LCIF no longer needs to be demonstrated. His enormous contributions as a lead donor to the various LCIF Fundraising campaigns like CAMPAIGN SIGHTFIRST, CAMPAIGN SIGHTFIRST 2 and CAMPAIGN 100 are an eloquent testimony to his commitment and dedicated support for LCI/LCIF GLOBAL CAUSES.

As the Africa Constitutional Leader and member of International Committee of Campaign 100, he dutifully mobilized African Lions to play a significant role in LCIF’s various programs.

­The pan African lion that he is, he played a very crucial role in bringing together French and English-speaking Lions of Africa, thus enhancing the rapid development and growth of our organization on the continent of Africa.

Through Alexis initiative, the international visibility of our Association has been enhanced as he personally sponsored at least four world acclaimed personalities as Melvin Jones Companions, viz:

  • Pope Francis, tireless advocate of peace in the world
  • Mother Teresa, the advocate and model of altruism
  • President Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize winner
  • Dr. Denis Mukwege (cf. pictures), Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

His social commitment to the most disadvantaged communities in Africa, India, and around the world has earned him the respect and admiration of Lions across continents.

In Melbourne, we invite every lion delegate of the world to vote with their soul and conscience to keep the flame of our ideals alive, now, and forever.

We therefore call on you to support PID Alexis Vincent Gomes the legitimate candidate of Africa, so that the sun will always shine on everyone, as envisioned in the ideals and values of our founder, Melvin Jones, who said “You can’t get very far until you start doing something for someone else”.…

… And you know what? Alexis has been tested and proven. He has never and will never forsake or sacrifice his fellow lions on the altar of irredentism and patronization.

A vote for Alexis is therefore a vote for :

  • Mission 1.5 and beyond
  • Changing the world in act and in deed
  • Excellent service delivery
  • Inspirational Donations to LCIF
  • Trustworthiness and Reliability
  • Transparent Democracy
  • Compassion, Considerateness, Peace, Unity, and Progress.

You will not regret you did !

HOB Lawal
Blaise Diadhiou
PCG DM 403

Samuel Ayobola
PCG MD 404

Patrick Bulundo
MJF District 413 Zambie

Paul Mido
DG 409 RDC



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