20Plan de travail 42

Let’s protect our planet!

Dear friends,

As you know, protecting the environment is one of Lions International’s major global causes. That’s why I was particularly pleased to take part in a major conference on the theme “Let’s protect nature and its inhabitants” on March 1, 2024 in Cotonou, at the headquarters of the Lions of Benin.
The conference, brilliantly led by Mr. Eké Gilles AMOUSSOU, General Manager of the Société de Gestion des Déchets et de la Salubrité du Grand Nokoué (SGDS-GN), was an opportunity to recall the importance of our commitment to the planet.
The Lions are involved in four main environmental projects:
– Community clean-up
– Tree planting
– Waste recovery
– Raising public awareness
After the conference, we moved to Amazon Square for a concrete action: the symbolic handover of 15 waste containers to the SGDS-GN.
These concrete actions, led by passionate volunteers, give me faith in the future of our planet.
Congratulations to the Lions of Benin for their commitment!
May the Sun shine for everyone!



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