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I am the candidate chosen by the majority of the Lions of Africa

Dear fellow Lions,

I am Alexis Vincent Gomès, Past International Director for the past ten years, elected in Hamburg in 2013.

I have been a trustee, a board appointee, and I hold many positions internationally, as well as in my Club, my District and my Multiple District.

I got the majority of the endorsements from the Lions of Africa.

I am presenting myself to you as the candidate who, for the first time in Africa, will seize the opportunity to become, in the next few years, if I am elected third Vice-President shortly in Melbourne, your International President.

I am here to represent you in this beautiful family, which for more than a century is dedicated to promote the values that our founder Melvin Jones has bequeathed to us through friendship, through generosity, all of which is expressed in action, in service for the benefit of the most disadvantaged in our communities. A great adventure, with no doubt, when you know how to imbue our  values in order to be able to go far in life, to be able to give a meaning to our life.

Because without the other, who are we?  We always need each other, from the most powerful to the most humble, so that the sun can shine for everyone.



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