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I am honored to share my heartfelt testimonial for Lion Alexis Gomes

Dear Lions Members,

I am honored to share my heartfelt testimonial for Lion Alexis Gomes, a cherished friend and an inspiring, humble leader whose influence has shaped both Lionism and our lives.

Fourteen years ago, the esteemed Late Past International President Dr Ashok Mehta introduced me to Lion Alexis Gomes—a wonderful friend and a beacon of inspiration. His 40-year journey of service, starting as a grassroots Lion member of Lions Club Pointe-Noire Eucalyptus Club and culminating as a Past International Director, showcases an unwavering commitment to the Lions Club’s mission of service and compassion.

Lion Alexis’s impact extends beyond his impressive tenure; he has played a pivotal role in shaping the Africa Constitutional Area, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of Lionism. His leadership is characterized by a unique blend of humility and inspiration, setting an example for Lions worldwide and creating a lasting legacy that resonates with the principles of Lionism.

I had the privilege of observing Lion Alexis in action during the 2015 annual district conference, where he served as the esteemed Chief Guest. This momentous occasion coincided with my election as the Governor for District 323 A2, and Lion Alexis’s guidance and support were instrumental in shaping my understanding of leadership and commitment to service.
Nitin Shetty
Multiple council Chairman
For 3231 Munbai



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