20Plan de travail 42

Call to action and reflection

My fellow Lions,

I’m reaching out to you today with a call to action and reflection, as it’s time to confront the challenges before us. Our membership is aging, and we’re struggling to attract and keep new members.
As a candidate for the position of International Third Vice-President of Lions Club International, I offer, in the spirit of our ethics, a bold and dynamic vision for our association’s future. We can’t stand by and watch our organization decline. It’s time to take charge and act decisively to revitalize Lionism.

Too many young people are steering clear of Lionism, and too many new members leave us too soon. We need to consider how we can make Lionism more attractive, inclusive, and relevant in today’s world.

That’s why I’m committed to initiating a wide-ranging discussion within our community, welcoming all voices and ideas. We need to rethink our approach, be ready to challenge established norms, and explore new paths to ensure the Lions International continues to thrive and grow.

This election is more than just a vote. It’s a unique chance to transform our association to meet the demands of the 21st century. Let’s not let this opportunity slip by. Together, we can build a stronger, more dynamic Lionism that resonates with today’s aspirations.

My dear friends, I count on your support in Melbourne. Together, we can achieve miracles. Together, anything is possible.



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