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We are immensely proud of Alexis Vincent Gomès

Dear Members of the Lions International,

We extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to PID Lion Alexis Gomes for his candidacy for the position of International Third Vice President at Melbourne convention. We are immensely proud of Alexis for standing up in the true spirit of democracy, especially against all odds.

Alexis Gomes exemplifies exceptional leadership and dedication to public service. His unwavering commitment to democratic principles and his vision for positive change make him a distinguished candidate for this prestigious role. Despite the challenges and obstacles he has faced, Alexis has remained steadfast in his pursuit of progress and justice.

His campaign is a testament to his resilience, courage, and unwavering belief in the power of democracy. Alexis has shown that true leadership is about standing firm in one’s convictions and advocating for the collective good, even when the path is fraught with difficulties.
As Alexis Gomes moves forward in this important election, we wish him every success. His journey inspires many, and his potential election represents hope and progress for all those he aims to serve.

May his campaign and election be marked by fairness, transparency, and a spirit of unity. We are confident that his leadership will bring about meaningful and positive transformations on an international scale.
Congratulations to Lion Alexis Gomes for his remarkable courage and dedication. We stand in full support of his candidacy and eagerly anticipate the positive impact his leadership will bring.

Lion Nitin Shetty
Council Chairman
MD 3231



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